In order to shed light on the Libyan electoral scene and keep pace with the electoral event, the Charilogone African Network, the International Section, continues to cover the Libyan presidential elections scheduled for December 24, 2021. In these reports, we review many issues that have an impact on the electoral scene and the most prominent candidates for the presidential elections.
The report was written by: Kofi Okoko

Khalifa Haftar

During his long military history, Khalifa Haftar did not win any battle he fought in the field. The history of the military man is like a tragedy of blood, cruelty and betrayal. 
In 1987 and after the famous Wadi Doum battle on Chadian lands, during which Haftar caused with his excessive arrogance and poor military planning to sign hundreds of soldiers and the officers are in the grip of the Chadian forces, to move suddenly from a commander to a captive and accept the first offer made by the French to him to move to the camp hostile to his country and then move to the Democratic Republic of the Congo on board American planes that transported him directly to Virginia in the United States of America. while he was in the United States and under Agency supervision American intelligence established what was known at the time as the Libyan National Army, Haftar, who holds American citizenship, returned to Libya under the air bombardment of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and put himself at the disposal of the countries of aggression. 
It was brought by NATO and the (airborne) leaders who have become, since 2014, the leader of that army, which deliberately excluded tens of thousands from the real Libyan army under the justification that their loyalty is still to the late Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi, and the justification for his exclusion of that huge number lies in that they participated in The Libyan army that resisted NATO for eight consecutive months, after which and during the so-called "Dignity" operation and in His attack on the city of Derna in the east of Libya, Haftar committed what can be described as war crimes of extermination, after which a case was filed against him before; Ramzi Al-Shaeri, Vice-President of the Derna City Council, and lawyers Ryan Goodman and Alex White, accused Haftar of committing a war crime for issuing an order to kill prisoners during the recapture of the city of Derna. 
Al-Sarraj in the west and Haftar’s forces in the east, the consequences of what happened to the African refugees in the city of Tajoura, and the United Nations was formed at that time During the United Nations Human Rights Office and the African Union, a fact-finding commission and until the moment the case that killed 44 African migrants is still not closed, and the collected evidence indicates that the fingers are heading towards the forces of retired Major General Khalifa Haftar, who were approaching the Libyan capital, Tripoli, and continue Khalifa Haftar’s violations against the residents of eastern Libya, and two of his sons, Saddam and Khaled, are accused of committing murders and practices against the people that amounted to murder, disappearance and disappearance.
The coercion against the citizens in the east of the country, and what many of the members of the Al-Awaqir tribe, one of the largest tribes in the east, have been subjected to abuse is only a small part of what Haftar’s militias are doing. Violations and practices that contradict human rights, all of which makes the observer interested in the Libyan issue raise the most important question about the scenario prepared for Libya after the elections, if the elections were rigged and the will of the Libyans falsified in favor of Khalifa Haftar, then the country will enter into cycles of violence and counter-violence that will continue for many years!..

By: Kofi Okoko (Charilogone African Network/  Congo-Kinshasa)

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